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We offer high pressure breathing air compressors, Boombox TM containment fill stations, air cascade systems.

We wear the hats of a high pressure breathing air equipment distributor, wholesaler and manufacturer.

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ASME Air Cascade

ASME cascade systems for stationary air storage applications. ASME pressure vessels never needs hydrostatic testing. 5000-6000 psi vessel systems are available. Standard accessories include an ASME Kunkle pressure relief valve, pressure gauge, on/off control valve, drain valve, elbow and tee. Fill hose and mounting brackets not included with ASME storage vessels, but are available.

Air Control Panels

New Signature Series Panel Air control panels just got premier and more functional. The air control panel meets the NFPA 1901 standard for mobile emergency vehicles, both trucks and trailers

Air Fill Stations

Air fill stations, for either stationary or mobile SCBA and SCUBA air refills, provide the cylinder refill operator with a greater measure of safety over simply laying a cylinder on the ground during the refilling process. The degree of safety varies between types of fill stations.

DOT Air Cascade System

Air cascade systems can include two or more DOT cylinders, mounted in your facility, on a mobile air trailer or inside your fire truck. DOT cylinder mounting rack(s) are available for stationary and mobile applications.

Air cascading simply means equalizing the pressure between the cylinder to be refilled and the next lowest supply cylinder. If this doesn't get the desired pressure in the small cylinder, the supply cylinder is turned off and the next highest supply cylinder is opened and the pressure allowed to equalize between the two cylinders.

Confined Space

Survivair® Air Carts
Confined space equipment can be used as either a confined space air cart, or to operate air tools used in vehicle extraction or as an additional mobile source for hazmat incidents. The Survivair Air Cart can contain up to two independently operated 30-,45-, or 60-minute high pressure (4500 psi) cylinders, or up to two independently operated 30 minute low pressure (2216 psi) cylinders.

Hose Reels

Hannay Reels is the leading manufacturer of high quality hose and cable reels for most every conceivable application. Since 1933, Hannay Reels has been making workplaces safer and more productive while protecting hose and cable from damage.

Hannay Reels are well-designed and well-made products, made to last with only minimal maintenance. We know you will be pleased with your order.

Mobile Air Trailers

A Mobile air trailer allows you to refill SCBA air cylinders at the scene. This is a 7' x 12' enclosed dual axle trailer. It is lightweight and a very portable mobile air system. It can be fitted with 4500, 5000 or 6000 PSI DOT/ISO cylinders.

This method of filling at the scene is very convenient for fire departments, NBC - Hazmat response teams, confined space ops and SCUBA shops who have a need to refill SCBA cylinders at a large incident or as a service to departments that do not have refilling capabilities.